Today I Don’t Feel Good

Today I don’t feel good. Today I feel lonely. Today I can’t focus. 

I can’t focus because…

  • I feel fatigued
  • I feel overworked
  • I feel like I should be up and out doing things instead of resting
  • I feel like my parents don’t hear me speak sometimes
  • My closest friends haven’t asked how I am in a long time and I’m always the one checking on them
  • I feel lack of motivation
  • I feel confused and upset about a particular situation I am so alone in
  • I am seeing a surgeon tomorrow and am intrigued yet frightened of the idea
  • I can see that there is a lot coming up in the next month that is overwhelming to me
  • I started suddenly bleeding from my backside this morning and I thought I was doing better
  • I feel like I need to remain silent about something that is slowly eating me away

Although today may be a ‘bad’ day, I need to remember all the amazing things that I have in my life and must remain positive – positive that tomorrow will be a better day and that these thoughts and feelings will soon diminish. Nothing is forever.

I am the only person that can make me feel truly happy, no one else. I must remain true to myself.

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