A Little Reminder

Growing up, my Dad would always repeat the words “love and respect” when he would talk about how we should treat our siblings and family. My Mum would remind us that “friends come and go but family is forever”. 

As we go through life, it is natural to become occupied and busy with what we are doing. Whether it be focusing on work, goals or growing your own family, we sometimes forget to put in effort to our immediate family members. Recently, I have been supporting both my parents with their medical conditions. I have been there to ensure they feel safe and comfortable whether it be sitting in the ED department with them for hours or listening to their fears and concerns. I have noticed that during these tough times, we have grown closer as a family and I have remembered the importance of my parents’ wise words from all those years ago. 

There comes a time where we are no longer the child being cared for, we are the adult caring for our parents. This is a friendly reminder to you to always put in effort with your family through the good times and the bad because they were the ones supporting you from your very first breath.

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