“I Want To Write A Blog”

I have always loved expressing my thoughts and feelings into my personal journal. Writing has been my go to – when I’m excited to share an achievement, when I have an interesting topic on my mind and when I need an escape from my negative thoughts. I used to be that person who would bottle up my feelings because I didn’t want to seem ‘crazy or silly’ to others. I would feel that no one would understand, that I wouldn’t make sense and that my feelings weren’t justified. In recent years, I have really tried to remain open minded and express how I feel. I have found that sometimes I have to ponder in things for a while before I come to a conclusion that I see fit. When I speak to someone about my thoughts, I find that my opinion changes sometimes as I haven’t seen the full picture – and that is okay. I also find that the receiving person more times than not also finds value in the conversation and together we build a closer relationship. 

So to keep it simple, I want to write a blog to not only share my feelings on a public scale but I hope that the reader can find some interest or do reflection of their own. I now realise how ‘crazy and silly’ I was for thinking my thoughts were not valid. Although I am young, I have seen and experienced some things that some may never. These experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. I will take you into my life of being a full time nurse, the difficulties of living with a chronic illness and just me trying to be the best version of myself. 

I believe that if we share our thoughts openly, we can make this world a much happier place for all. I hope you can enjoy this journey with me!

3 thoughts on ““I Want To Write A Blog”

  1. I think, the world and it’s people have enough space to allow “you” tell your story.

    Congratulations for starting your new blog 💐💐


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